About Us

The “Great Crypto Penny Challenge” is a project of Operations Technology Inc., a company that I founded in 1991, which predates the internet by several years.

Operations Technology started as a publishing company, selling the Contracting Opportunities Digest to small businesses who wanted information on all government contracts in the San Antonio, TX area.  The Digest was sold to my business partner, Mr. Lionel Miller (now deceased) and the corporation relocated to Minnesota with a retuned focus on computer hardware services.  With the introduction of the Internet, our focus soon turned to selling websites to small businesses.  Operations Technology was also involved in pioneering Live Streaming by streaming a public service program to viewers and participants in Minnesota and Washington D.C.

On a more personal note, I am Warren Grantham, also known to many as Mister Warren.  Like many other serial entrepreneurs, I have been involved in many ventures, mostly involving technology.  My entree into the tech world began right out of college (circa 1978) when I worked as a COBOL programmer for the world’s largest check printer.  You remember checks, don’t you?  That was at a time when the core memory of our main frame computer was 32K.  Later in life, I ventured into C# programming along with other languages that helped to stake a place in the Internet economy.

Like many others, I became enamoured with the concept of affiliate marketing, not so much from marketing other companies’ products, but how to use the system to help others earn money from other Internet ventures that were hungry for ‘eyeballs’.

Birth of a Notion

In early 2003, I combined the concept of affiliate marketing and network marketing (also known at that time as Multi-level Marketing) with a very enticing offer from eBay.  Their affiliate program was paying $4 for each new FREE account that we were able to secure for them.  I used an off-the-shelf Genealogy software program to operate the network.  Long story short, in one weekend we were able to grow the network from about 450 people to over 26 THOUSAND people.  That event sparked a flame that has yet to be quenched.  Back in those days, that was a huge number because the Intenet was not exactly widely adopted at that time.

Soon after that success, I was asked the question about choosing a million dollars lump sum or a penny a day, doubled and accumulated for 30 days.  As I recall, I too, went for the big payday.  I was blown away when that final tally was revealed.  My eyes have been wide open since and I have been waiting for–nay, searching for ways to put that into reality.  It was not until I began seriously pursuing cryptocurrency did the notion of combining this new monetary tech to the old, time-tested practice of compounding hit me.  The rest, as they say, is history.  That was the birth of the Challenge.

The original intent to help people take advantage of emerging technology for financial benefit remains the same as it always was.

Come.  Join us in this journey together toward FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  There is room at the top for you.

If you have not made more than you’ve paid by the end of the first 25 Day cycle, we will gladly pay you the difference.