Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about The Crypto Solution.  If you do not see answers to the questions you have, please direct your questions to  We will try to quickly reply and we may publish your questions here in our FAQ section.

Do I need a 'sponsor' to start?

Everyone entering The Crypto Solution needs the URL of the person who invited them in.  If there was no affiliate link provided, your place in the network is subject to change as you will be placed directly under the company.  We reserve the right to move any/all unsponsored affiliates underneath any other affiliate that we select.  We will not move affiliates who are sponsored by someone already. 

Can I sponsor people from a different country than where I reside?

Yes. Anyone who can obtain a crypto wallet using XLM can participate. We do not collect any information other than email addresses, first and last names. Currently, there are few, if any restrictions on purchasing the book, The Crypto Solution, and as you are aware, commissions are paid on the sale of the book anywhere in your downline (network).

It has been a month and I am not earning what I thought I would.

Obviously we cannot control how long it will take others to work the system. They could do it all in one day or take much longer to complete the steps.  Our Guarantee is that we will refund the purchase price of ‘The Crypto Solution’ upon request, whether it has been one day or one month. Our goal is to help people earn money, not lose money. We recommend that before you depart, try once more with a different two people. Ultimately, however, the choice is yours and we will refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

How Much Can Affiliates Earn?

You can view the Earnings Chart to go to the page titled How Much Can You Earn.

When will I be paid?

You will be sent a reminder each Thursday for you to check your XLM Public Key. The weekly closeout happens after 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Payments will be made by midnight each Monday. You can expect your payment by then.

Can I Use a Different Wallet to Make the Purchase?

Yes. You can use any wallet that allows transacting in XLM. The wallet you use does not make a difference. We only recommend Atomic Wallet because it does not require you to give any personal information.

Do You Withhold Taxes from Payouts?

No. Taxes are your responsibility. Our operation is headquartered in the country of Guyana and we pay taxes based on the laws of that country. Your country may require you to report all crypto earnings. Currently, we do not have any reporting requirements on earnings outside of Guyana.

How can I find out what I have earned in this program?

The Affiliate area of the website will give you the amount that has been paid since you started the program as well as any unpaid earnings. You can find the Affiliate Area by selecting Affiliate Area from the main menu.

Can I sponsor more than two people.

The short answer is yes. However, The Crypto Solution was designed to help people who do not like to spend time recruiting new people as many other similar programs require. Though it is not recommended, you can sponsor as many people as you like. There are no minimums or maximums placed on any affiliate of The Crypto Solution.

How is this program different than other Network Marketing Programs?

Technically, this is an Affiliate Payment program, not a Multi-level program. It works like any other affiliate program in the marketplace today. The difference is that most of those only pay on one level. The Crypto Solution chose to pay on 25 levels. The technical term for what we are doing is “Multi-Tiered Affiliate Marketing”. And Yes, there is a difference. People in this system are paid only on the sale of the products.

Another major difference is when you get your payments. Other affiliate programs will pay you every 30 to 60 days. The Crypto Solution pays WEEKLY, from the first time you earn. There is no minimum threashold either. If you are owed 25 cents, you will be paid 25 cents, the first payment cycle after you’ve earned it.