Cashing Out

Getting Paid

Having all of the crypto in the world is meaningless if the only place that it exists is on your phone or your computer. Most people want to have access to their money rather immediately. There are a few methods of Cashing Out that you can use. Your options may be dependent on your access to your bank accounts and “money changers”.

Before you receive your first payment, be sure you have a secure wallet whose PRIVATE KEY is owned by YOU.

Rule NUMBER ONE:  Not your KEYS, Not your CRYPTO.

Rule NUMBER TWO:  Never give anyone your PRIVATE KEYS!

You need to get a trustworthy wallet to maintain control of your assets.  A wallet is nothing more than an app that you can keep and control on your phone, if you have a smart phone.  If you have an old phone that you can turn off access to the internet, even better.

Each coin that you have will have a different wallet address for that coin.

If you used Coinbase to start the Solution and want to keep your earnings on Coinbase, you MUST download and use the Coinbase WALLET rather than simply keeping your funds in your ACCOUNT. These are two different options. If you use the Coinbase ACCOUNT-generated XLM Key, you will lose ALL of your funds FOREVER!

The Crypto Solution Pays Out In XLM:

Using the Beans App, you can go directly from XLM to your local currency, into your bank account. If you do not have a bank account, you can use the Beans App to cash out at a MoneyGram location near you.


Cashing out may be a taxable event. If you have large amounts of XLM, it may be wise to keep them in cryptocurrency and borrow against them. This is not a taxable event.


I recommend the Guarda wallet for getting loans against your crypto.

Debit Cards

Some accounts, including Coinbase and, offer debit cards that allow you to spend your crypto like fiat currency.