Step One

Step 1:  Getting Ready
To participate in the Challenge, you must have two things:

    • A crypto wallet or a crypto account such as Coinbase
    • At least $6.25 worth of XLM in that wallet

A crypto wallet is an app that you can put on your computer or phone that allows you to store, send and receive crypto.  There are many to choose from.  You can use any wallet or any crypto account, but if you are just starting out, Coinbase is perhaps the easiest to navigate. We strongly recommend that you have a wallet that is not linked to an account like Coinbase for receiving your affiliate earnings from Penny Wise.  We recommend the Atomic Wallet, though any wallet that handles XLM can be used.

Click this link for a discussion about our suggested wallet and the Coinbase account.

If you have a wallet with your XLM already, click this link or the Proceed to Step 2 Now button below to register.

All transactions on the Crypto Solution site are completed in cryptocurrency.  

If you choose Coinbase, they will guide you through getting set up on their platform. Just remember that your goal is to setup an account from which you can purchase your XLM.

You will only need $6.25 for the Solution.  We suggest having at least $10 worth of XLM to start because of the fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices.

If you would like to get started for free, Coinbase has a section of their site that allows you to earn crypto for learning about various coins and tokens.  You can exchange those coins for XLM.

Example of a Coinbase Account

If you have your XLM already, you are now ready to enter the Solution!

Your next step is to click the Proceed to Step 2 Now button below.

If you have not made more than you’ve paid by the end of the first month, we will gladly refund your purchase price of the book.