Step One

Creative text goes in here. This will hold the info on the wallets

Creative text goes in here. This will hold the info on the wallets

Getting Ready

Your journey to Financial Freedom with the Solution begins with step-by-step instructions to prepare you.  If you are a beginner in Crypto, these steps are absolutely essential to getting positioned for success. The first order of business is to obtain a crypto WALLET that will hold the COIN that we use in the Solution–XLM. If this is your first time doing anything in crypto, don’t worrry. We will walk you through the process of sending your coins to your wallet of choice.

To make it easy for newbies, we recommend going to Coinbase to establish an account. Be aware that an ACCOUNT is different than having a WALLET, though Coinbase may not make that point exactly clear in the beginning. Coinbase does an excellent job of getting you started. You will need to purchase your XLM to start. Participating fully in the Solution means purchasing our book, titled The Crypto Solution, using XLM, not cash. While you can make this purchase directly from Coinbase, we recommend making the purchase from the WALLET that you will set up in this process. Call it a ‘teachable moment’.

If you choose to use a Coinbase account to make your initial XLM coin purchase, we recommend using one of two wallets: Atomic, or Lobstr. Either of these will do for the Solution.  Instructions for the Solution are available by choosing one of the WALLET options below.

Choose an option to continue:

If you have not made more than you’ve paid by the end of the first month, we will gladly refund your purchase price of the book.