25 Days
to Financial Freedom with Cryptocurrency

Earn Tens of Thousands of Dollars while learning the basics of Cryptocurrency.  All that it takes is ten minutes each day and about $10 in Crypto.   Earning money has never been easier.

This short video shows how the Challenge took the tool bankers have been using forever, and turned it into a way for you to earn a fortune, RISK FREE.


Through the power of compounding and the investment of just 25 PENNIES a day for 25 DAYS, you can earn Tens of Thousands of Dollars each month. Simply follow the Challenge plan: invite two people who are willing to invite two people to join the most exciting way of earning income online today. There is no easier way to earn.  For more details on earning, go to the Earning Crypto link here on the website.


Your 25 Pennies a Day buys the Daily Brief, a close up look into all things Crypto.  The Crypto Penny Challenge is a Boot Camp Course in Crypto Basics.  Things You’ll learn:

      • Coins vs Tokens
      • Crypto Exchanges
      • Dollar Cost Averaging
      • What is a Blockchain
      • Wallets
      • Private vs. Anonymous vs. Pseudonymous Transactions
      • and much, much more.


At the heart of the Challenge is inviting Two people to join you.  It can’t be just anybody.  It has to be the RIGHT TWO people who:

      • SHARE the same Vision and Passion for Financial Freedom.
      • Are willing to SHARE that Vision with TWO PEOPLE.

TAG ONLY TWO PEOPLE who are willing to TAG TWO PEOPLE and so on and so on…

Imagine committing 25 Days to Earn, Learn and Share that will literally change your Financial Future.  Sound too good to be true?  But what if it IS true??  What do you have to lose?  Risk vs Reward…Risk:  under 10 bucks and 10 minutes a day.  Reward:  Financial Freedom.  The exciting journey begins NOW!  Just click on the Next Step button below.

If you have not made more than you’ve paid by the end of the first 25 Day cycle, we will gladly pay you the difference.