Easy Steps
to Financial Freedom with Cryptocurrency

Penny Wise Crypto has created a wealth generating program that will absolutely amaze you. It is a novel concept that if you follow our three easy steps, you will begin earning residual income right away.  It won’t require a large investment of money or time.  And it is truly risk free. Imagine what it would mean to your family if you had more than enough money next month to meet all of their needs, without stress. After just a few days, you can realistically think about taking that exotic family vacation that until now was just a dream. Perhaps you can even start making plans purchase your first home.  All of that is possible if you join us in the Challenge.

Cryptocurrency has created untold millionaires over the past few years. Many of these people were in the right place at the right time. New ways of generating income are being created each and every day. This is another one of those times. It is like the old days of the California gold rush.  Much of the wealth back then was not made from the gold that was mined, though there was lots of it.  The big bucks were made by selling the tools to mine the gold.  Think of Penny Wise as a company providing a valuable tool for earning money in crypto. Though your earnings will be in cryptocurrency, you won’t have to spend one minute worrying about the price of any coin or token because regardless of what the market does, your passive income will continue to flow.

Here’s what it will require for you to be successful.  We lay out three easy to follow steps for you to follow. When you finish those steps, you can kick back and watch your residual income flow. It will require an investment, though many laugh when they learn that the investment required is just $6.25. If that is too much, there is a way that you can earn that amount online so that you can that money to invest in the Challenge. In the world of finance, that is referred to OPM — Other People’s Money.  As you know, any ‘investment’ carries a certain amount of risk, except we will even give you a guarantee that you will not lose one single dime in this program. But if you are unwilling or even unable to risk $6.25, with a guarantee, this program is probably not for you.

As you will see as you investigate the steps, there is a bit of work involved. Online income, and especially affiliate income only happens when purchases are made.  Penny Wise is no different.  Our product is the book we produced titled “Cryptocurreny-Foundation of Freedom”.  Each member who joins will purchase the book for $6.25.  Commissions are paid on the sale of each book.  

Building a strong network is the next task.  By sponsoring two other people to join you on your quest to earn income who are just as committed to financial freedom, you are well on your way to earning life-changing income.  

Buckle up.  It is going to be a great adventure.


Through the power of networking and your investment of just $6.25 in Cryptocurrency, you can earn literally Tens of Thousands of Dollars each month. All you have to do is invite two people who are as serious as you are about earning income AND who willing to invest the time it takes to find their two  people to join the most exciting way of earning income online today.  That’s it.  This sets your residual/passive income into motion.

We strongly encourage our members to NOT invite more than two, even though the temptation will be great.  Instead, invest your time and attention on the two people you sponsor.  This will strengthen the network and fortify your passive income well into the future.


Your $6.25 investment goes to purchase the Challenge Book, which was written as a primer for all things Crypto.  The Crypto Challenge is a Boot Camp Course in Crypto Basics.  Things You’ll learn:

      • Coins vs Tokens
      • Crypto Exchanges
      • Dollar Cost Averaging
      • What is a Blockchain
      • Wallets
      • Private vs. Anonymous vs. Pseudonymous Transactions
      • and much, much more.

And by-the-way, you must make that purchse using cryptocurrency, so your very first lesson, if you are new to crypto, starts before you even register for the program.


The most important task in this whole program is the building of the network.  If you seriously want to earn thousands of dollars each month in passive income, you must take care in the building of the network.  The two people you bring to your ‘financial table’ have to take this endeavor as seriously as you do.  That is how fortunes are built.  Sharing this honor is very special.

Your exciting journey begins now.  Take a moment to reflect on the best financial day you’ve ever had.  Now imagine the next 15 to 30 days being 100 times better.  That is the power that you have in your hands, right this very moment.

Thinking about the Risk/Reward proposition?  Think about this:  The risk is $6.25 in XLM cryptocurrency.  If it doesn’t work, you walk away with the return of your $6.25.  All you have lost is the time that it took to click a few buttons on the website and the time that you spent talking to your two.

But what if it worked just a little bit.  Let’s say it started quickly and then after a few rounds and maybe a few hundred people, your earnings stopped around $100 or so.  Even that is a profit for just a few minutes of your time.

Would you be willing to risk $6.25 for $100?

Just click on the Next Step button below.

If you have not made more than you’ve paid by the end of the first 25 Day cycle, we will gladly pay you the difference.