Easy Steps
to Financial Freedom with Cryptocurrency


The Penny Wise Affiliate program is the source of your earnings.  As others purchase the book, you will earn a 25 cent commission on 25 levels of sales.  All you have to do is invite just two people who are as serious as you are about earning income AND who willing to invest the time it takes to find their two  people to join the most exciting way of earning income online today.  That’s it.  This sets your residual/passive income into motion.


The Crypto Challenge was written as an introduction to all things Crypto.  You’ll learn:

    • Coins vs Tokens
    • NFTs
    • Crypto Exchanges
    • CBDCs
    • Dollar Cost Averaging
    • Blockchains
    • Wallets
    • Private vs. Anonymous vs. Pseudonymous Transactions
    • and much, much more.


Your success in any endeavor or opportunity boils down to this one thing: How much work are you willing to put in to succeed?

The Penny Wise Challenge, even though very simple, requires work. The most important task in this whole program is the building of the affiliate network.  The two people you bring to your ‘financial table’ have to take this endeavor as seriously as you do.  That is the basis of your financial future.  It really is that simple, but so very important. Are you willing to do the ‘work’?

Share the program with two people who are not only willing to purchase the book, The Crypto Craze, but who are willing to invest the effort in finding their right two people.

You have the opportunity right this very moment to make the decision that will change your present circumstances and your future for the better, forever. It begins with taking this first step to invest mere pennies in a program that will change your life.

Many of us look back on times in our lives and dream about where we would be if…

Don’t let this one pass you by. The sooner you begin, the sooner your passive income begins to flow. Carpe Diem!  (Sieze the Day!)

If you have not made more than you’ve paid by the end of the first 25 Day cycle, we will gladly pay you the difference.